Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So here we come to the matter that is Parodies. Movies to make fun of other movies. Movies made for a laugh but most end in disappointment. Not only is the acting usually terrible but the jokes are pretty much the same. They all lack originality aswell and most if not all of them can be labeled a waste of time. So why do we watch these stupid films? The trailers make the film look amazingly funny and we fall for it. We watch it and get extremely disappointed.

A few examples... All the Scary Movies,Dance Flick,Date movie,Disaster movie and Vampires suck.
I'm glad to say that i've never seen one in cinema but I have seen all of them on Dvd or on Tv. Some I have to admit i can tolerate and sometimes enjoy. However most i can't. The worst of the lot has to be Vampires suck. I myself am not a Twilight fan and proud to say that i never will be! No matter how much the fans among my friends try to persuade me. So when i saw the trailer for this i thought to myself that this would be one worth watching. Boy was i wrong!! The acting terrible and the jokes were worse. Sorry to anyone who has seen the movie and enjoyed it. Disaster movie did have it's moments like the Alvin and the Chipmunks scene (scary stuff).

Vampires suck was probably one of the worst movies of 2010 if not the worst. Hopefully one day they will learn. I do like the scary movies though. Some parts you just groan and are tempted to skip to the next scene but others are quite enjoyable.

Looking forward to a good year in movies with the release of new movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 4,Rio,X-men first class,The Muppets,The Green Hornet,Cars 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!
One movie i will not be seeing this year is Justin Bieber: Never say Never.      

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