Friday, December 31, 2010

To make a sequel or not to make a sequel?

Truly one of the questions most filmmakers are faced with after the success of their movie. What do they usually decide?  They decide to make the sequel thus destroying the franchise completely! It is a major risk making sequels to a movie. For a few simple reasons... 1. You have to think of a completely new storyline. 2. Introduce new Characters 3. You have to try and make it as good as its successor but as we all know it never is as good as the first.

I wonder what goes through the production company's mind when the idea of a sequel comes up. Possibly something like this " Sequel? You should just say an opportunity to get more money out of this film!". What do the fans of the film think? Some would think" Nice a sequel! We must go and see it!" and others would think more logically and think "No! You are heading into a disaster! Don't do it I beg of you!" I am one of those who thinks it stupid that there is a sequel but will watch it anyway.

One sequel that NEVER should've been made was Titanic 2. They build the Titanic 2 and try to sail it from America to Paris. With the Arrogance of thinking that they will make it and not sink like it predecessor did. It's no spoiler to say that they're wrong. They even have the "You're gonna die an old woman" speech! One positive i found out of it was that James Cameron didn't direct it and none of the original cast returned.

After the sequel has been released they decide to release a third film. Then the fourth, then fifth etc.
Take a look at the Shrek franchise. Shrek was good then they released Shrek 2 and it wasn't as good but still enjoyable then it all went downhill with Shrek the Third. Now Shrek Forever After and rumors are being spread of a Puss in Boots movie. The Shrek franchise is a prime example of  "milking a movie for all that it's worth".

Movies like The Harry Potter series need sequels because there is more than one story. Movies like Titanic and  the Simpsons movie don't need sequels. Yes it's true that Mat Groening is thinking of making a sequel.

However sequels are something that will always darken our days. As long as there are "money hungry" producers and film Companies out there sequels will continue to be made.

I must commend Disney Pixar as they never really release sequels and when they do the sequel is as good as the first. Toy story is a fine example of that. I'm hoping i can say the same about Cars 2 Grand Prix.

Only time will tell....

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