Sunday, January 9, 2011

Batman : The Dark knight rises

We all have heard the name "Batman" and most of us have seen "The Dark Knight". Not only did that movie bring so much excitement to movie goers in 2008 but it also brought sadness aswell. When we read in the papers ,internet,watched the news,E entertainment etc. That Heath Ledger (28) the man who played the Joker had died of an overdose. May he R.I.P. However thats not important right now. What I'm really talking about is the next movie in the Batman series The Dark Knight Rises.

There have been plenty of Rumors around this movie. Like the main villain will be the Riddler and he will be played by Johnny Depp. Which would have probably have been a solution to the Girls who are no doubt be trying to avoid going to this movie with there relationship partner. It has been confirmed that The Riddler and Johnny Depp are not in this film. Sorry Girls. Another rumor is that the villain will be none other than Killer croc.
Yet another rumor which we all thought was plausible is that the movie will be in 3D which is not the case. Chris Nolan is wise in my opinion for the simple reason that if a Batman movie is in 3D then you want it to be AMAZING 3D otherwise the experience is just wasted. One of the biggest rumors is that Chris Nolan was planning to use unused footage and CGI to put Heath Ledger's Joker in Dark Knight Rises as a cameo. However Nolan states that he made no plans of that sort and Joker will not be in the next film.

So what is true? What can we expect from the next Batman? Well,... Harvey Dent A.K.A Two-Face ( played by Aaron Eckhardt )will not be in the movie. Christian Bale will return as everyones favorite Bat. It won't be in 3D.
Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan have both confirmed that this is the end of Batman for the two of them . The Dark Knight Rises and after he Rose he left. You can almost be certain that someone is going to pick up where Nolan and Bale left off and make a couple of new Batman films. My hope is that Tim Burton picks it up again and does at least one more Batman film but that could just be me. Whereas the movie will not be shot in 3D or be converted into 3D. Nolan is sticking to what he did in The Dark Knight and shooting in IMAX. Michael Caine ( Alfred ) says that Production is said to start in May and be finished by November.

To be honest i don't know who the Villain is going to be so i fell for all those rumors i mentioned earlier. It is said though that Dark Knight Rises will be based on the graphic novel Batman: Prey. Just as The Dark Knight was based on a Graphic Novel. Which one I'm not sure but i would love to read it.  Which means that Hugo Strange is possibly the villain and thee rumor goes on saying that he's being played by Tom Hardy.

Also as the Batmobile (Tumbler) was destroyed in the previous film. Will Batman be getting a new Batmobile or will he stick with the Batcycle? Although it seems I'm the only one asking this question.

Hans Zimmer is doing the score or so it seems for the Dark Knight Rises.... All i can say about that is What else is new?.
Now that Rachel ( Bruce Wayne's love interest) is dead. Bruce/Batman and Commissioner Gordon are getting new love interests. Neither of which is Selina  Kyle ( Catwoman ). I must say i would like to see Harley Quinn included in the movie. Once again I'm probably the only one that would.

The big question is will Dark Knight Rises be as good as its predecessor ? Hopefully it is... In my opinion though is that whoever the villain is in the next film has to put on the best performance of his/her life to come close to Heath Ledger's Joker. Christopher Nolan gave up Superman Reboot to focus entirely on Dark Knight Rises. So we know it's going to be good. I'm really looking forward to this and it's absolute agony not knowing exactly who the villains are! We can be sure that until we get confirmation on who the villain(s) are rumors will be coming in almost daily. It's just a matter of sorting out Fact from Fiction...

So if all goes well and there are no surprise explosions, fires, people getting fired, problems with funding we should expect Dark Knight Rises in 2012. Along with a good few other movies.... Seriously can't wait (why so serious?) sorry just had to!.


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