Friday, January 14, 2011

Clash of the Titans (1981) Movie Review

If you are in South Africa and were watching Dstv and on channel 109 (TCM) you would have seen Clash of the Titans was on. I sat down to watch this one to see what the original was like. I haven't seen the remake yet and I want to but thats another tale for a rainy day. I can't give to much information about the remake other than it was a post-production 3D, Avatar and Terminator Salvation actor Sam Worthington is in it and the tag line is "The Titans will clash".

The original 1981 version was Directed by Desmond Davis and is based on the Myth of  Perseus son of the God-king Zeus. His quest to save Andromeda from the Kraken and defeat Medusa. I had to bear in mind that this is a rather old movie while i was watching because i couldn't believe how bad it looked visually. There were literally some moments where i couldn't stop laughing because of the bad CGI. So it did make for a good comedy which i suspect wasn't Desmond Davis's original intentions. You got to understand as said in The sound of music " I am 16 going on 17 " so i grew up with movies like E.T and the Disney Classics (Robin Hood, The Rescuers) so i was taken by surprise at the Visuals having never seen anything like it. I did enjoy the story. I am fascinated with Greek Mythology. So the movie did spark an interest when i saw it was coming on next.

Sound wasn't that great either I must say. The were a couple of times where i had to turn the volume down because the sound was so sharp. The acting wasn't bad though. The main Actor did remind me of someone i know which was really strange.

The movie did have some memorable characters like Perseus, Pegasus, Calibos and Booboo the robotic owl.
The action scenes were gripping. When Perseus was battling Medusa or even the Kraken I was at the edge of my seat!
So overall I really enjoyed it and I probably will watch it again. Now i really want to see the 2010 version and see how different it is.

So I give Clash of the Titans (1981) Three out of Five ***
I also give it the rank of a classic in my personal movie viewing history.

BooBoo the Robotic owl.


The Kraken coming to claim Andromeda

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