Thursday, December 30, 2010

House of Flying Daggers - Movie Review

I was given this dvd by a friend of mine. Who said " This dvd is for your Movie education". I sat down to watch it and didn't know what to expect. Firstly i looked at the Title and thought " House of Flying Daggers? sounds like a married couple with some serious issues!" However that is not the case.

The House of Flying Daggers is a secret organization who aims to kill the Government. Assassins to put it into simpler terms.

Now we come to Mei. What a Character! She's blind and almost everyone she faces needless to say loses. Which is to be expected from a member of T.H.O.F.D ( beating everyone she faces not being blind that is).
When we first meet her she is disguised as a showgirl at a brothel called Peony Pavilion. Where she meets Captain Jin for the first time. The Lieutenant challenges her to play the Echo game. A game which i can't exactly explain but the just of it is that the Lieutenant flicks beans at drums that are all around her and she has to hit those  precise drums in order. Which is an amazing scene i might add!. However things don't look well for Mei when she tries to kill the Lieutenant and gets arrested. She is discovered to be a member of T.H.O.F.D and is threatened with torture if she doesn't reveal the whereabouts of the T.H.O.F.D base. However Jin busts her out and they are now "on the run". Will they be able to get away from the Government?

How about the action in the movie? The action is really good. Some of the best action scenes include the Bamboo scene and the Battle in the Snowstorm. I must warn you that there is some gore but not very much.

An added bonus is that the entire movie is in Mandarin. There are English subtitles so everyone can understand it. I just feel it adds to the movie. Another thing i must warn you about is the "Passion" scenes they don't get to rough but just be very weary of them.

If you like Foreign or Action films. Then i suggest House of Flying Daggers

(Three out of five) ***

Watch the House of Flying Daggers trailer here:


  1. Nice Andy!

    Loved House of Flying Daggers! I give it a 4/5! Have you seen hero? I think it's the best of this genre.

    Keep it up champ!

  2. The friend has read the review! Was a brilliant movie. Haven't seen Hero yet... I want to though! Thanks man!