Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inception Movie Review

I can't say that much about the film without revealing a few spoilers.... So if you haven't seen the movie be warned. However i shall try to stay away from those pieces of information...

So Christopher Nolan gets a whacky new idea for a movie about dreams. Not just dreams but people who infiltrate your dreams and steal information from your subconscious. Pretty weird concept right?
Well, this idea soon turned into a very successful movie. It won 4 of it's 8 Academy Award nominations to be exact.

The skill of stealing information from a persons subconscious is called Extraction. Dom Cobb
( Leonardo Di Caprio ) is the most skilled extractor. Him and his team failed at a mission trying to get information from Mr. Saito ( Ken Wantanabe ). He later offers them a job. He wants Inception which is the planting of  an idea in someone's head. They have to try and get Robert Fischer to give up his fathers company.
They now get a new Architect named Ariadne ( Ellen Page ) because Cobb is unable to create the dreams ( Someone is preventing him from it ). They set to work. To see exactly how the whole thing comes together you must watch the movie.

So what did I think. Well, I went in not knowing what to expect as I didn't see any trailers, didn't read any reviews or even a plot. So I walked into the cinema completely clueless about what I was about to see. The movie started and it hooked me from Scene 1. As they say on the poster for Unstoppable " We'll sell you a seat but you'll only use the edge of it" that was me while I was watching Inception. The story is so captivating you find yourself leaning so far forward that you're basically on the floor or that was me at least. The quick scene changes during the dreams and reality were used so effectively that if you blinked you would miss one and not know what the heck is going on.

This movies one of those that you can't predict the rest of the story. You think you know whats going to happen next and then it just blows your mind when something truly unexpected happens. How was the acting?
Well, Leo does an extremely good job as Cobb during the intense scenes and emotional scenes ( Watch the movie! ) And Ellen Page as Ariadne was quite a good casting call. Visually it was awesome the special effects within the dreams is absolutely amazing. Audio well two of the Oscars were for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

All in All Chris Nolan made a great film. Excitement, Intensity and a lot of thinking are elements of this epic experience. My advice find a way to watch this movie. You won't be disappointed.

( 5 out of 5 )


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