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Transformers: Dark of the Moon review.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review.

Firstly , I have never been a big fan of the Transformers. I remember watching the animated series once or twice in primary school but that was it. I knew enough to get by in conversations revolving around the show but I wasn't really interested in any of it. When I heard that Michael Bay was releasing a movie in 2005 I avoided it like the plague. Even when all my friends were talking about how cool it was I refused to watch it. For Christmas in 2006 however my dad had bought me the DVD. So I figured I might as well watch it. I ended up really enjoying it.

Now here we are two movies later. After the disaster that was Transformers: Rise of the Fallen I was truly not expecting much from this one. However as I've learnt you should never watch a movie with the I won't like it mentality for the simple reason that you will end up finding reasons not to like it. So despite what I thought I went in with an open mind. So when the movie started and Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen)did his normal opening sequence brief. Which as it normally is was long but fairly interesting. Then the next scene with the introduction of Carly to me was highly inappropriate. I know Michael probably wanted to introduce her in a BIG way but with the knowledge that children will be watching the movie he could've toned it down a bit.

So Sam Witwicky (Shia La Bouff) is now leading a normal life. He's living in DC with his new British girlfriend Carly. He is looking for job but what he really wants is the feeling of being needed again. The Autobots are helping out with missions for the Government but while they do so they are searching for something. The Decepticons are strategizing against them.

So the storyline was generally quite good. There were some aspects that I felt could have been explained in more detail like who the little smoky autobot was that was living with Sam. I felt that in a whole the story was told effectively. The characters weren't bad either. One of my favorites has to be Wang (Ken Jeong)pity he had such a small role in the film. The new Autobots weren't really introduced to us like all the others from the previous movies were. For instance the Scottish Autobot whose name isn't even mentioned or if it was I didn't catch it. True they did introduce some of the new Transformers such as Sentinel Prime and Shockwave. Megatron(Hugo Weaving)is back for a third round in this film but he has some serious competition for the ruler of earth role. 

The action was intense! Especially in the final battle. It was a lot more action packed than the previous movies. I did enjoy the angles and camera movements used in the battle sequences. The use of the background music in these sequences were also very effective.

Speaking of the music. I found that I enjoyed the music in this film way more than I enjoyed it in the previous films. For example in Revenge of the Fallen in most of the scenes they had the backtrack to New Divide playing in the background.

What did disappoint me in the movie was the 3D. It was post-production and I don't have a great history with post-production 3D movies. However even I have to admit that the 3D wasn't badly done. I just thought because it was Transformers you want something fly out at you or Optimus to swing his blade and it to fly straight at you to really increase the feel of the movie. If they had made the movie 3D from the start and paid careful attention to the action scenes things might be different. This was one of those watch a few scenes in 3D but the rest you can watch with or without glasses it doesn't matter type movies.
The visual effects in these movies are normally very good and this one was no exception.

I never thought I would but I actually enjoyed the Dark of the Moon. However I really do not want a fourth movie. In my opinion they have ended of the trilogy well and it should stay that way. Transformers:Dark of the Moon was a great way to just sit back and relax. I would give it about seven out of ten.


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